Executive Protection / High Threat:

We provide well-trained and real-world experienced Executive Protection Agents, who possess a more refined skill set than typical security officers. These agents are also commonly known as Personal Protection or Personal Security Detail Officers are most sought after by high net worth individuals, celebrities, dignitaries, sensitive employee terminations situations, or individuals with serious risk or when there may be threats to life or property. All of our Executive Protection Agents have real-world experience and advanced training with state -of-the-art agencies and groups around the world.

Loss Prevention:

We help our nation’s leading retail companies with on-site officers, cutting edge techniques and the #1 deterrent to retail shoplifting: strong customer service. We have the field experience, industry knowledge, and proven skills to reduce internal and external shrinkage in both the supply chain and brick and mortar retail locations. 

Vehicle Patrol:

With the intent of keeping wrong doers out, and making criminals feel uncomfortable, we deploy Police style vehicle patrols through neighborhoods, residential areas, business parks, hotels, or any other areas of potential concern. We provide additional security servicescustom tailored to the needs of Home Owners Associations’ and/or residential complexes such as vacant unit or empty house checks, community rules enforcement, parking/towing enforcement, visitor policy enforcement, curfew of designated areas, working closely with law enforcement to charge trespassers, and many more customizable services.

Transport and Escort:

Custom tailored to your specific needs, we provide a full array of Transport and Escort services in moving high value assets including but not limited to; sensitive or high-dollar-value product movement, Offender or Inmate transportation services, Funeral escort services, and VIP escort.

Access Control:

We provide well trained officers for indoor and outdoor entrance control: gated communities, business parks, truck lots, train yards. Facilities such as warehouses, factories, office buildings, train stations, airports, employee verification, metal detector operations, visitor sign-ins, wanding, and bag checks, etc.

Disaster Response Services:

We provide professional services for perimeter control, asset protection, and relief operations in the wake of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and more or man-made incidents such as riots, fires, break-ins and many more. Our team has experience working with the National Guard, American Red Cross, FEMA, and many local and national agencies in the wake of such disasters.

Camera Monitoring:

We provide professional 24/7 monitoring of live video feeds with direct ties to dispatch for our company and first responders to send help when issues are seen on the camera. 

24/7 Dispatch as an Optional Included Service:

Includes a toll free phone number for our clients to call for security service as well as nation-wide 4G and GPS connected law enforcement radios with the instant ability to request back-up, run plates and background checks, and constant location monitoring by dispatch. This service can be included as part of each of our other services.


Risk Consulting Services including facility, exposure, threat analysis and more.  


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