Executive Protection And Personal Bodyguard Services

Forbes states that 84% of business executives were physically attacked at least once in 2021.  As a result, it is becoming increasingly necessary for celebrities, high net worth individuals and prominent CEO’s, key employees and business executives to employ secret service caliber protection who are vigilant in protecting against attacks, media, protests and targeted disturbances of any kind whether physical or otherwise. 

FSO is veteran-owned and operated, providing private protection service via US Government Trained  Personal Security Detail Officers.

FSO Agents are most sought after by high net worth individuals, dignitaries, celebrities, Fortune 100/500 executives, hostile termination/layoff situations and individuals seeking protection against serious threats compromising life and property. FSO Executive Protection Agents possess advanced, highly refined skill sets geared toward safeguarding against threats such as increasing workplace violence risks, kidnapping/hostage scenarios and all manner of physical assault attempted against today’s high net worth individuals. 

FSO Agents are discrete and experienced, working behind the scenes in mitigating endangerment risk factors, tirelessly guarding prominent families and individuals, while providing continuity, increasing productivity and enabling ease of travel. Knowing that our discrete, highly skilled protection team stands at the ready in the prevention of volatility strengthens mental status and protects against the trauma so often incurred from worry for personal safety and loved ones. Once vulnerable executives are freed to focus their attention on work rather than fear physical or mental  circumstances disruptive to business practices. 

Personal Bodyguard Services

All personnel are disciplined in protective methods and practices utilized by the U.S. Secret Service & U.S. State Department, the U.S. Military and local police entities. Working both covertly and overtly, armed and unarmed, completely undetectable, FSO Executive Protection Agents have real-world experience and advanced training with state-of-the-art agencies and groups all over the world.  FSO offers around-the-clock workplace, travel and private protection solutions.   

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