Emergency Disaster Preparedness, Response & Recovery

FSO’s Disaster Response Team has extensive experience in perimeter control and asset protection and is prepared for rapid deployment of relief operations in the wake of storms, blizzards, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and man-made incidents. Disastrous conditions pose alarming threats to the safety and wellbeing of individuals and or company assets often exacerbating pre-existing conditions with disgruntled employees, former staff members, difficult customers, neighbors and competitors. In some cases, such threats can elevate to armed conflict via riots, civil unrest, looting, break ins and more. The consequences can be long term and far-reaching and local police municipalities often lack the finances, human capital, resources and training necessary to deal with such events. In many cases they are simply overwhelmed.

Disaster Response And Recovery

FSO personnel have worked exhaustively with the National Guard, American Red Cross, FEMA, and many local and national agencies in the wake of such disasters. Our Disaster Response Team expediently secures facilities, thereby significantly lowering risk factors for additional loss, protecting against post-disaster vulnerabilities and mitigating continued exposure amidst structural damage, power outages and malfunctioning alarms. 

FSO judiciously employs rapid processes and procedures thereby expediting evacuation and recovery necessitated by all manner of disaster as well as implementing security protocols in order to protect personnel and assets during rebuilding. 

FSO collaborates with FEMA in continued monitoring and situational awareness, conducting routine evaluations, communicating with the FEMA appointed federal disaster recovery coordinator and planning a transition and return to pre-disaster operations.

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