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Fidelity Security Operations requires that all Officers are trained, at minimum, to all the levels required by law, the Post Orders, and our employee on-boarding orientation class. Armed Posts may require additional training at the discretion of management. Additionally, all applicants must pass a pre-employment screening including a criminal background check and must consent to a drug and illegal substance use assessment. We will deny employment to anyone who does not consent to these terms and we reserve the right to deny employment based on the results of the pre-employment screening process. For certain posts a physical fitness test may also apply.

Applicants must possess: Valid Driver’s License, Proof of right to work in the US, an active cellular smartphone data plan with an active number, be 18 years of age or more, and capable of passing a physical fitness test (depending on the post needs or at the discretion of management).

Physical Fitness: All Officers must be able to walk and run in the proper uniform, perform all post orders, access all equipment, and remain standing for entire shift (if needed) without assistance. Employment is not guaranteed; if an Officer becomes unable to meet minimum requirements, suspension or termination may ensue. The Physical Fitness Test consists of 1 minute to perform 20 Push-Ups, 1 minute to perform 20 Sit-ups, and 10 minutes to run 1 mile. 

For some posts and positions a minimum experience requirement may be necessary. This will be communicated by management on a by-case basis.

FL Lic # B1800171 – TX Lic # B10549201

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